Dual Citizenship

Incontestably, the new world outlook subverts certain values and rejects some taboos as well.  From whatever angle you look at it, the new socio-economic reality pushes modern States to pay more attention to the evolution of their citizen’s inalienable rights in a global society. 

As such, almost one hundred countries throughout the world allow Dual Citizenship and this number is growing.  This does not happen by chance.  Instead, it is the result of a modern vision of society.  During the last decades, the intersection of human beings on the planet, due largely to globalization, seems to demand this approach.

Because of the flow of capital and the free trade that take place among the countries, many of them make Dual Citizenship a state policy.  Such policy is important for countries that have adopted it because it contributes to the success of their economy.   As a matter of fact, Mali, Senegal, Brazil, Philippines and many other nations do not hesitate to encourage their citizens to obtain another citizenship while keeping their own.

Whether we live abroad or in Haiti, we want modernization.   To reach that goal, we are debating tirelessly through some of our organizations or internet discussion groups about the ways and means.  The reintegration of the sons and daughters of Haiti who live abroad and their resources is one of the ways to possibly achieve modernization.  More and more of us Haitians in the Diaspora and at home are coming to the realization that Dual Citizenship is crucial to the reintegration of the Haitian Diaspora.

Dual Citizenship simply entails an individual simultaneously holding citizenship of two different nations.  While over one hundred other nations extend such rights to their nationals, Haiti does not.   Many of our fellow-countrymen do not favor Dual Citizenship for their brothers and sisters who have adopted the citizenship of other nations.  They do not see how restoring such a right could be objectively beneficial to Haiti.  Many of our countrymen even perceive those of us who have adopted foreign citizenship as having defected and therefore undeserving of getting back our citizenship.  But, the fact is and remains that a Haitian is Haitian for life no matter what.   We must not allow sentimentality to blind us to the ultimate benefit of Dual Citizenship in the reintegration of our people to help modernize our nation.  

The Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti is committed to help educate our people about Dual Citizenship.   In order to build-up a base of knowledge about the importance and the potential of Dual Citizenship; to disseminate such knowledge; to address misconceptions and to build the movement for Dual Citizenship, the Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti proposes this questionnaire to everyone.  We do not claim that this document will answer all of the questions that our people may have.  However, we believe that it will play a key role in educating, informing and perhaps eliminate the denial of the importance of restoring the dual citizenship of Haitians in the future of our nation.  We hope that you will find these questions relevant and the answers trustworthy and valid.  Let us leave no stone unturned to reintegrate our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora into the life of our Haiti.

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